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"..I love wearing my mate's mum's tights"

Dear Mistress, I usually spend a week of summer break at my mate's parent's place when unis out

We spend the weekends clubbing and do the sunday family roast and whatever

His mum's a great cook and both his parents love me On the weekends when we get in from a night out, he usually crashes out first, then I get up, cross the landing and grab a pair of his mum’s tights out of the laundry basket and wear them overnight.

For years I’ve been obsessed with ladies’ tights but the real buzz for me comes from wearing a pair that has already been worn.

I’ve always loved the sight of a woman with shapely legs and I get a lot of pleasure from wearing my mate’s mum’s tights. I tell myself I am not doing anything wrong, as I would never steal them.

I put them back in the laundry basket early the next morning before anyone else wakes up, I've only ever been almost caught once! but I styled it out

Although I do feel a bit ashamed of myself. Is this just a bit of harmless fun or should I stop? - Hughey Hoisery


Resist the temptation to wear your friend's mum's tights

You are likely to be caught one day and they are unlikely to understand

There's nothing wrong with wearing whatever makes you happy, but buy your own please It's an invasion of privacy to go rooting around in another person's laundry basket especially when it's your friend's mothers intimates M.L

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