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Gender & Advertising

I'll let the images do the talking :)

Is the use of a woman, and her state of dress necessary & relevant with each of the above products? Are the captions respectful towards the woman, towards women as a whole? If a school girl saw these ads, what thoughts might they provoke for her? How could the ads influence her to perceive her own place & purpose in society? Of society's expectations of all females? We could tell the young girl that the adverts are not a reflection of her community's expectations of her, but of ad men in glass skyscrapers in a city far far away How could she see those men as separate from her community? Her growing world? Maybe some of them came from her community Some still have yet to grow up and leave her community, in search of a career in the far far away city How can she keep their ideas of a woman's place out of her own life?

It could prove difficult when advertising is everywhere

What will you do to ensure, her hopes for herself are not altered by the Ad Men? What would these ads look like if the roles were reversed? Look below, how does it make you feel seeing it this way? Email Me your view, whoever you are, I want to hear your opinion

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