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DomCon LA

So I flew in for the biggest kink celebration this side of the pond, but I still couldn't seem to give the private parties the slip! I never knew I had so many followers in California, my time was not my own! Nothing really went to plan, apart from the usual schedule of restraints and assgasms I missed the DomCon photo call and The VIP Dinner because I was otherwise engaged So no group shots to upload unfortunately! I did bump into a few familiar UK faces, and Daddy AnLi , but I didnt want a photograph with my hangover face! You can see pics and videos of me in a Marie Antoinette wig on Twitter at the closing night party, because I missed my own hair appointment sleeping in Sorry not Sorry

L.A was a blast! Here's a clip from Santa Monica beach for you exactly 1 minute of calming waves There's always time to relax on the beach!

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