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DomCon LA was great
check the blog for half the story,
more videos & pics coming soon

For now, enjoy the promo vid I made!

Whilst browsing google images
for sexy nun inspiration for
The Torture Garden Halloween Special

I stumbled across an image that illuminated the visions of my mind's eye
and revealed my deepest desires of provocation and blaspheme erotica

Desires which, up until that point,
had been unaware to me

I found that this image to the left, called out to me above the other 30 visible on the page
I clicked and I fell into Johnny's world

Now you must fall in too
hurtle head first in lust with his


LFW: 10yr Anniversary  

The story of Touko Laaksonen, the artist who helped shape the tastes of a generation is almost as handsome and glossy as the drawings of luxuriantly leather-clad fantasy figures with which he made his name
Having served during the 2nd world war with distinction, Laaksonen
(a sober, watchful performance from Pekka Strang) returns home to Finland to be reminded that, as a gay man, he is perceived as the enemy

In a society that considered gay a crime, Laaksonen, using the pen name Tom of Finland, imagined an unfettered alternative
A sexuality that filled its tight trousers with joy and promise, along with other more obvious attributes
While Dome Karukoski’s film-making feels quite cautious next to the balls-out bravery of his subject, this biopic certainly doesn’t water down Laaksonen’s distinctive aesthetic, nor does it downplay the role of this unassuming Finnish man as an icon of gay liberation

New York's Museum of Modern Art has acquired several examples of Laaksonen's artwork for its permanent collection
In 2006, MoMA in New York accepted five Tom of Finland drawings as part of a much larger gift from The Judith Rothschild Foundation
The trustee of The Judith Rothschild Foundation, Harvey S. Shipley Miller, said, "Tom of Finland is one of the five most influential artists of the twentieth century. As an artist he was superb, as an influence he was transcendent. Hudson, of Feature Inc., New York, placed Tom of Finland's work in the collections of Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art and Art Institute of Chicago. His work is also in the public Collections of: The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles, USA; Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art; Turku, Finland; University of California Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley (California), USA; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA; Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, USA; and Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles, USA.

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quite like a Finland phallus

She believes the law will be ineffective and will impinge on people's personal liberty and right to freedom of expression

"The whole point of the law was to protect people against violent acts of sex, but who can state what is violence when you've got consenting adults?" 

The law won't stop people from performing the banned acts, she added
"All it's doing is adding more frustration and concern to the public that we are coming away from democracy"
and moving toward more government control


'Canary in the coalmine of free speech'

Jackman, a lawyer specialising in sexual liberties and obscenity law, has also opposed the new regulations

"Pornography is the canary in the coalmine of free speech: it is the first freedom to die
If this assault on liberty is allowed to go unchallenged, other freedoms will fall as a consequence," he wrote on his blog.

What he describes as a "declaration of state censorship" will affect millions of consenting adults who choose to view British pornography, he said
It will also impose an unnecessary barrier to trade, hitting independent content producers within the UK and costing the Treasury tax revenue

Besides these issues the law "is practically unworkable as it can be circumvented by proxy servers; and has implications for all forms of freedom of expression on the internet."

Visitors to the
Houses of Parliament

may have seen more than they bargained for when protesters against new rules limiting online erotica gathered to simulate some of the now-banned sex acts, including Face-sitting

The campaigners aimed to highlight what they say are arbitrary and sexist changes to the law that don't distinguish between consensual and non-consensual acts between adults

to spare onlookers' blushes, those partaking in the 'PornProtest' on Twitter remained fully clothed

The new regulations, which came into force on December 1, ban various acts being depicted online when produced in the UK
including face-sitting, female ejaculation and spanking
in part to protect children from being exposed to potentially harmful content


However, they do not make it illegal for people to watch videos produced outside Britain
or to perform the acts themselves

One of the protest organisers & a free-speech advocate. told CNN that the bill could be perceived as being sexist because the banning of certain acts appears to target women's sexual enjoyment

"This is about censorship, and what the government is doing is they're censoring our consent
So yes, it does affect women, but it also affects every man and every woman," she said 
"It affects anybody who enjoys these particular activities"

  • Ella International Festival
    Fri, 30 Aug
    30 Aug 2019, 00:00 – 06 Sept 2019, 04:40
    Majorca, Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
    Spanish Beach, Women Only, Talks & Boat Parties - need I say more?
  • Club Pedestal
    Sun, 17 Feb
    Fire Club Vauxhall
    17 Feb 2019, 21:00 – 18 Feb 2019, 01:00
    Fire Club Vauxhall, 44 Parry St, London SW8 1RU, UK
    a club night where the males attend to serve females all night long
  • TG Valentines Ball Part 2
    16 Feb 2019, 21:00 – 17 Feb 2019, 06:00
    Scala, 275 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9NL, UK
    Possibly the greatest Fetish party, on a global scale Between the performers, designers & guest attendees: this party is a hive of insane creativity Guests will witness fashion shows, extreme stunts, awesome fantasy set design plus multiple scene playrooms you'll just have to go see for yourself