True Power is the ability to submit
To relinquish control
& share your intimate desires with another

Men are lost when they do not feel needed
women too, when they do not feel desired
both have the capacity to become
selfish, greedy, sloth & bitter

So step outside of yourself now
Tell the boy within you
to give
Mistress the joystick
and lets make this a 2 player game

Wherever you are in the world
you can now make daily contact with me
You can join my trials of self restraint
for 2 weeks to 2 months

building up to 2 years
if you think you can handle it

To begin, we negotiate the rules together
Then, you lock yourself
& seal away the key

Next, I'll send you daily duties
throughout your locked period

Resulting in rewards if you've been good
Punishment if you've been bad
Sometimes if I want to giggle
I'll request you to fulfil an

'Entertainment Errand'
this is a nonsensical humiliating task
for nothing more than my amusement

Don't worry, you'll enjoy making me smile

You will send me photos of every completed request
your face is not required


Sound better than self love?

Game On then


good boys..