A born leader


an only daughter
in a household of rough housing boys

pampered, cherished, protected since utero
there has only ever truly been

to my requests

A princess most definitely 
but able to hold my own

swotty little me was left in charge

when our parents went on outings
& I learnt discipline from the best

I'll show you how mother kept us in line
Her seamless switch from
Mother Dearest
to Mother Feareth

was something to marvel indeed

The catholic sisters of her youth
unintentionally taught the school girl

how to devise and decanter 
bittersweet cruelty

a little too well

surely there can be nothing in this world
as sadistically amusing 

as the chastising of adolescents
living within close quarters


Boarding schools
with their corporal punishment
remain the best examples 
of twisted games to date

I often indulge in their reenactment
you too, will feel the unequivocal torment


I take my mother's touch and add my own twist 
and since you're not my kin
There'll be no holding back

one response

do I make myself clear?

are listed here

5 foot 10 inches / 180 cm height 96 cm inseam  Shoes: 8 UK / 42 EU Body: 34B -28- 38 Dress: 8 UK 34 EU 

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